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Brendan has just turned 21. “He is an amazing young man” says his mother, glowing about his life. Brendan has had a team of people helping him reach his goals. In high school, he became a 2nd LT in the JROTC Program and was presented with the Tuskeegee Award. His colonel was a believer in Brendan and worked to figure out how Brendan could be supported, not if he should be supported. Brendan was prom king in high school and rode to the prom in a limo with his friends. As part of his work experience in high school, Brendan worked at WalMart, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, a pet store and a restaurant to see where his interests and successes were. Through the VocTech, he worked in the school store, cafeteria, restaurant, and the preschool program where he read books to young children. He even played Santa Claus! 

But the latest achievement is an outstanding success for Brendan and his team. Brendan has recently found full time paid employment with NexDine, a food service company doing business at a high school in New Hampshire! He will have benefits and his supports will be the ‘all natural’ kind – his co-workers!  We congratulate Brendan and his dedicated team and wish him great success in his new job.