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Learning Module for Higher Ed and Teaching Venues (2)

The Learning Module for GEMSS is a lesson plan developed to use in education and other departments at the community college, college, or university level.  Our hope is to reach teachers and others before they graduate.The GEMSS Learning Module is suitable for other learning environments as well. Like all of our materials, these are free resources. 

Materials for instructors consist of a menu of options that are easy to insert into your classes, and will encourage critical thinking about inclusion for children who have genetic conditions. You could choose to show a 3 minute video, have a short discussion, have your students complete assignments, etc.  Do what works for you!

SUGGESTIONS FOR INSTRUCTORS:  Choose options below to fit class structure, needs, and time

  • If 15-20 minute in-class/online module:  Use Student Preparation, Whole Group Activity
  • If 45+ minute in-class/online module:  Use Student Preparation, Whole Group Activity, Independent/Small Group Activity, Share
  • Independent/Small Group Activity can be done as a Homework assignment


  • Introduce GEMSS website as a resource for students in education and related fields
  • Create discussion about children with genetic conditions being involved in regular education


  • Increased understanding about the importance of learning about genetic conditions and accessing information regarding genetic conditions
  • Creating better supports for children with genetic conditions
  • Increased chance of success for children with genetic conditions
  • Dissemination of GEMSS website as a resource for furthering understanding of various genetic conditions and their implications


      ACTIVITIES (also optional)


(~15 minutes each as pre-class assignment)

1.  Genetics/Genetics Disorders Basics (Choose at least 1 link and review it):

2.  GEMSS website - review both:


(15-20 minutes; instructor-led)


(15 minutes with instructor guidance)

  • Students work independently in/out of class, or class divides up into small groups
  • Each student/group picks a genetic condition
  • Review and answer some/all of “Discussion Questions”* using GEMSS website
    • If extra time:  assign (in or out of class) one, some or all of the “In-depth Assignment”* activities/questions


(5 minutes per student/group or instructor guided discussion)

  • Each student/group presents key findings to the class as a whole