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GEMSS slides, posters, video, etc.

Thank you for sharing GEMSS with your friends and colleagues. These materials are for your use, free of charge:

"What is GEMSS?" Video

The transcription of this video is available in Adobe PDF and MS Word formats

Slide presentation

Here is a slide set in PowerPoint developed by Ann Donoghue Dillon, the inspiration behind GEMSS. This is how Ann promotes the website when we send her on the road! Most importantly, Ann highlights how individual parents can make a huge impact in spreading the word. We invite you to use this in full, or adapt it to your needs!

Article to share - "Finding the GEMSS in Your School"

"Finding the GEMSS in Your School", Ann Donoghue Dillon

Published in the March 2014 issue of Exceptional Parent magazine, this was a collaborative effort with the Genetic Alliance, a regular contributor to the magazine. 

"If you are like me, I always had my eyes and ears open to learn about any information to help my daughter receive a good education! Having a genetic condition that was both rare and new for her school, she made all of us on the team try our best and then hope! I wish GEMSS was available when she was starting out in school! It would have been a great source of information that we could have used as a foundation, and then branched out as needed!" – Ann Donoghue Dillon


Posters are set up for printing on paper that is 11' x 17', but will print nicely on standard size as well. We envision these in your office, common area or waiting room! 

GEMSS flier imageSchool can be a great experience for everyone2nd GEMSS Poster image

GEMSS bookmarks and sticky notes may also be available: Contact Us!

Parent Ambassador Posters:

Thank you to these families who are promoting GEMSS through their own family stories!

Parent Handout about GEMSS featuring Dani (22q)Tori (fetal alcohol syndrome)Sara (Noonan syndrome)Ellie (Turner syndrome)Zhala (Williams syndrome)  

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