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From Jocelyn’s mother: I helped Joce prepare her presentations by sharing her experiences and asking her lots of questions (yes / no) to get to something she was happy with that shared her feelings and story.

The first year I wrote her story on a paper and it was read by a student. The next year I purchased a used laptop and wrote her presentation in a reader program (Read Please, as suggested by Karen Erickson), I would set up her computer to a LCD projector in the class and when she was ready to present, the computer read it aloud to the class while the projector showed the text.  Jocelyn would be able to interact with the students 1 to 1 or in small groups by responding to their specific questions (yes / no or when given clear choices).

This continued for several years, thru 2 professors (Susan Shapiro and then Cheryl Jorgenson) and a total of 4 different class topics (Best Practices In Elementary School; Best Practices In Secondary School; Contemporary Issues For Persons With Developmental Disabilities; and Facilitating Relationships). The last classes were even online classes.

I supported her through help writing her presentations but only supported her in class itself for the facilitating relationships classes.