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Madeline for President!

GEMSS would like to thank Madeline and her mother for their generosity in sharing these stories with us. You have made the site come to life with the addition of your thoughts and feelings. Thank you so much!

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Madeline paintingMadeline is having a great year in school. She loves to sing and school has given her so much to sing about! She has shown great improvement in her language since starting at her local school’s preschool program. She is a fun-loving and independent 4 year old girl and her mother says she is like a “mini-teacher”, often directing her friends at school! 

Madeline uses lots of words and uses some signs to supplement when needed. Although she uses an iPad at home, it is more for practice for possible use in the future. She has even developed skills in fixing the iPad! She knows the alphabet, recognizes many words and counts to 20. Her family has been reading to her even before she was born. Her vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds since starting preschool. 

Madeline with a stuffed animalMadeline recently missed some school due to her open-heart surgery but has recovered very quickly and hated missing school. She kept asking when she could go back. Her social interests have always been strong and she gets along very well with all kids. She is invited to birthday parties and her mother hopes to start more play dates now that she is recovering from her surgery. 

Madeline holding her baby brotherShe is great with her younger 8 month old brother often hugging, holding, and feeding him. And she loves to copy her mother when she does chores and will wash dishes, pull out her mini-broom and help sweep, or help clean-up her toys. 

Madeline loves her family and her grandparents who play a great role in supporting her. In fact, her mother states that their immediate and extended family, their friends, and their neighbors have been an “extremely supporting and loving community from day one.” 

From Madeline’s mother: Her biggest fear was what would happen when Madeline got to school. Her advice is to “Don’t let your fears hold you or your child back. Get on board with inclusive education, even if you have to introduce the concept to your school.” On the advice of a wise pediatrician at her birth, they always Madeline and brothertreat Madeline like any other child. “Don’t expect anything less of your child. Give lots of opportunities. Don’t hold back- she is always surprising us on what she can do. I expect her to be President the way she is going.” 

Her mother also attended the NH Leadership Series and trainings at the Parent Information Center. She feels more confident in her ability to be a good advocate, network with other families, and build a community of support due to her Leadership training. She says, “I feel lucky to have had Madeline. I have friends, connections and a purpose in life that I wouldn't otherwise have.”   

Great wisdom and food for thought! We will be looking for Madeline in future elections!!!

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