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Add to our resources! Do you recommend any helpful groups, books, organizations that would be useful to other educators/parents? Please share the specific titles or addresses with us.

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation has information and resources for parents and professionals.


National Consortium on Deafblindness (NCDB)

This organization works to improve the quality of life for children who are deaf-blind and their families



Learn more about the genetics of CHARGE through GeneReivews.


Genetic Home Reference

Consumer-friendly information about human genetics from the U.S. National Library of Medicine

Genetic Home Reference for CHARGE syndrome 


Perkins School for the Blind

This site brings together the range of web-based content available through Perkins School for the Blind for teachers, families, and others interested in the education of children who are blind or visually impaired, including those with deaf blindness or additional disabilities.

Classroom Accommodations for Students with Visual Issues

Classroom Accommodations for Students with Visual Issues is a resource from Boulder Valley Vision Therapy, P.C., in Boulder, Colorado. It describes a variety of variety of issues and offers strategies.